e-Listing Management

Professional photos, the right look and feel, accurate description price management, and fast responses contribute to success  of e-advertising / e-management of your property.

This Service includes

  • Upload professional photos
  • Full and accurate description
    • of your space
    • of local area information
    • dos and donts
  • Establishment and management of Policies
    • deposit requirement
    • cancellation policy
  • Communication
    • answering enquiries up to the online booking
    • agreeing meet and greet/key collection
    • queries or special requirements
  • Payment
    • management of the rate under your supervision, adjusting for holiday periods, weekends  or reflecting any local event which may influence demand.
  • Post visit
    • Positive review follow – essential towards Super Host status
  • Guest Management
    • Meet and Greet / Key collection is part of this service.

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